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Get 125+ HR Letters and Email Templates At One Place

125+ HR Letters and Email Templates At One Place


If you are an HR professional, you know the hassle you must go through while writing HR letters; sure, it is not a big deal if we are talking about one. If you are an HR manager and want to save time making email templates. Then get ready to use HR letters within a few clicks.


However, it gets exhausting when you have to revert to hundreds of emails and HR letters at once. As an HR professional, you already have so much to do, from managing, directing, and planning all the administrative chores of the company so that it can work towards increasing employee engagement.


We have accumulated this blog for you to understand the HR letters and crucial information. StartupHR Toolkit assists and provides you with all ready-to-use HR documents that make your work easier. All you have to do is mention your company’s details, and the rest will be taken care of.


In this article, we will cover 23 significant HR letters format most often used in every company.

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      Why are Email and HR Letters Important?


      Email and HR letters contain all necessary information and details, it represents your organization and are an essential part of every organization, and are used for employees.


      An HR has numerous tasks, and pre-designed HR and Email letters can save time. For example, you won’t have to keep hassling over documents, and pre-designed HR letters would ease up a lot of your work as an HR. In addition, Email and HR letters provide proficient content and a proper format for the company’s important formats.


      With StartupHR Toolkit, you get extensive and customizable HR and Email letters. The following HR and Email letter templates are available and accessible:


      Usecase of Letter and Email Template:

      1. Acknowledging a receipt of a resume
      2. Making a job offer
      3. Rejecting a candidate
      4. Welcoming a new employee
      5. Notifying an employee of a promotion
      6. Recognizing an employee for superior performance, and
      7. Disciplining an employee

      Offer Letter


      1. Internship letter

      An internship letter is equipped by a company when hiring a new intern suitable for the job and the company. It is a document that notifies the candidate that they have been appointed as an intern, their job responsibilities, and their profile.


      2. Confirmation of Job Offer

      A formal letter that a future employer sends to the company and states their confirmation of accepting the job offered.


      3. Job Offer Email

      A job offer email is a formal HR letter issued to a chosen candidate informing them that they have been offered a job for a certain position in the organization.

      Appraisal Letters


      1. Performance appraisal letter

      This Letter informs the employee that their hard work and contribution haven’t gone unnoticed. It mentions their hard work, which enhances their motivation.


      2. Bonus Letter

      A formal letter for an employee qualified for a bonus is sent out to thank or congratulate them for their hard work.


      3. Rewards and Recognition Letter

      Sending rewards and recognition letters to an employee is a way for an employer to show appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.


      4. Promotion Letter

      An HR letter sample informs an employee about a raise, promotion, or a new role in the company.

      Onboarding/Hiring Letter Sample


      1. Interview Scheduling Email

      An interview scheduling email is sent out by the recruiting team to candidates. Important information related to the interview is mentioned like the venue, time, and more. These emails are sent out to the candidates to inform them about the various rounds of interviews and when are they scheduled.


      2. Confirmation Letter

      A confirmation letter is given to employees once they have completed their probationary period to confirm their position in the company permanently.


      3. Appointment Letter

      This document confirms appointing a candidate for a particular position in the company.


      4. Offer Letter

      It is an official document sent to candidates who are offered a job. This document states the terms and conditions, compensation, job details, and more.


      5. Welcome Letter

      It is a basic HR format that introduces candidates to the company and makes them feel comfortable and at ease before joining the company.


      6. Announcement for a new employee

      It is a form of email letter sent out to the company’s existing employees to introduce and inform them about the new employee who is going to join the company and about the candidate’s job description.


      7. Interview Confirmation Email

      The recruiters send out this email to a candidate to make sure both parties have the same schedule and can confirm the same so the process of an interview can take place swiftly.


      8. Probation Extention Letter

      The probation period is a duration in which the performance and behavior of newly hired employees are monitored. His or her manager does this in order to check their potential as well as their suitability to the job. Any other case which is recommended by the reporting manager or HR department can be considered for probation period extension based on the severity of the circumstances

      Warning Letter Sample


      1. Attendance Issues

      A warning letter is sent to discipline the employees who are constantly late or absent. In addition, this HR letter sample is given to employees to make them aware of the situation and how it affects their employment and the organization.


      2. Behavior Issues

      It is an HR letter sent to an employee who has broken the company policy. The Letter informs them about their misbehavior and the actions to be taken against it.


      3. Performance Issues

      These letters are sent out by HR to inform the employees about their poor performance and how it shall be discussed further.


      4. Job Suspension During Misconduct Inspection

      When an employee is being inspected for alleged misconduct, the employee is suspended during the period of investigation.

      Employee Termination Letter Sample


      1. Excessive Absenteeism

      An employee termination letter is sent to an employee due to excessive absenteeism. This Letter is sent to them if they have been absent from work without giving formal notice.


      2. Substance Abuse

      Suppose an employee has disregarded the company policies and is caught using any form of drugs or came to the office intoxicated and misbehaved. In that case, they are subject to the employee termination letter.


      3. Serious Misconduct

      Suppose an employee has misbehaved on accounts like harassment, discrimination, or theft and has not followed the proper code of conduct implied by the company. In that case, they are provided with an employee termination letter.


      4. Probationary Employee Letter

      If an employee on probation does not perform well in their job, misbehaves, and does not follow the proper code of conduct implied by the company, they are immediately terminated.

      Exit Process Letter Sample


      1. Experience Letter

      An experience letter is provided to an employee when he leaves the company. This Letter offers proof of employee employment.


      2. Reliving Letter

      A relieving letter is provided to employees when they leave an organization. The Letter serves as an official acceptance of the employee’s resignation.


      3. Full n Final Settlement Confirmation Letter

      An employer sends Fnf Settlement Letter to the employee where they mention all pending amounts, from gratuity to paying dues, given to an employee before leaving the organization.

      Sample Document of Offer Letter

      HR Letters
      HR Letters

      The idea behind StartupHR Toolkit is to make HR documentation an easy and quick process. 😃

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      How can StartupHR Toolkit’s HR Letter Templates help?

      StartupHR Toolkits HR Letters and Templates module comes preset with a lengthy list of letters you would need to convey any message. It saves both your time as well as effort. Gone are the days when you had to rely on search engines to give you the best results. You can directly make use of the module to cover any possible scenario.


      StartupHR Toolkit has designed and drafted a colossal list of HR letter templates in a dedicated template library. We’re constantly updating this list with new templates to stay up-to-date with all your needs. We also add new templates based on the feedback given by our beloved customers.


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      As an admin, the HR letterhead templates can customize as per your company protocol. Letter margins – the top, sides, and bottom – can be made to look the same as the current pre-print letterheads. You can even attach images for the header and footer to the HR letters. Say goodbye to worrying about using the perfect HR letter formats, and you can use StartupHR Toolkit’s HR letters to employees feature.


      Since the templates come preset with content, you might be upset about having to manually add details like their first name, last name, address, etc. StartupHR Toolkit’s email template feature automatically integrates all HR data with our responsive email templates when you generate them on the system. You no longer need to cross-check or verify important details or remember any of the variables to fill in.


      By integrating these templates with your HR data, StartupHR Toolkit is automating the entire process of writing letters with minimal effort and human error from your side. The effort is, you only select the letter you want to print.

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