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Introducing the Startup HR Toolkit

Startup HR Toolkit comprises ready-to-use HR templates for different stages of the HR process. The aim is to help you manage your HR processes independently. The toolkit has been carefully structured and designed by sumHR based on our experience of managing the HR operations for startups and established companies. You can customize them as per your preferences and needs.

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Forget Your HR Woes With StartupHR Toolkit 

What’s in the toolkit?

Hiring Module

  • Hiring Kit
  • Detailed JD
  • Candidate Evaluation Form
  • Candidate Evaluation Sheet
  • Interviews
  • Job Requisition
  • Reference Check
  • Offer Letter
  • Employee Agreement

Employee Compensation

  • Expense Statement
  • Leave Application
  • Service Requisition Form
  • Expense Approval
  • Travel Requisition
  • Asset Disposal
  • Declaration
  • Holiday List


  • Statutory
  • Payment of Gratuity
  • Professional Tax
  • Wage Ceiling 

Engagement Plan

  • Engagement Programs


  • Star Employee Nomination

Employee Policies

  • Introduction
  • Joining Formalities
  • Work Culture
  • Job Grades And Designations
  • Terms Of Employment
  • Leave And Holidays
  • Compensation, Benefits & Reimbursements
  • Official Travel
  • Purchase Of Material / Services
  • Leaving Formalities
  • Social Media And Social Networking

Exit Process

  • Exit Process
  • Leaving Formalities
  • Exit Interview Format
  • Relieving Letter
  • Clearance Form

Employee Onboarding

  • HR Checklist
  • Welcoming New Employees

Performance Management Process

  • Performance Management Process
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Performance Letters
  • Performance Warning Letters

Records & Format

  • Admin Manual
  • Courier
  • Employee Files
  • Medical Bill
  • Stationery Request

The Startup HR toolkit is ideal for

Startup Entrepreneurs

Small Business Owners

HR Generalist & Managers

HR – MBA & Diploma Students

Why Choose Startup HR Toolkit

Starting your dream company can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

From registering your business to finding new clients and marketing your services, a lot of time and efforts is spent on setting up the foundation of the company.

As if this ordeal is not enough, you have also to employ a skilled workforce to execute your idea and grow your business.

Created by HR experts

The Startup HR Toolkit has been designed and vetted by experienced HR professionals in the industry. So, you do not have to worry about its authenticity. You can simply refer to the documents in the toolkit to understand the best practices followed in the organizations.

One-stop Solution

HR is a wide function that comprises different processes such as recruitment, compensation & benefits, and development, and so on. We’ve got the templates for all these processes, so you do not have to look at multiple places. You get it all in one place and in an organized format.

Latest policies

Labour laws change periodically. Sometimes, you might find templates that are either redundant or not updated after a recent change in the labour laws. The Startup HR Toolkit contains the latest templates approved by the HR experts.

Saves your time

Stop spending time downloading various HR templates or calculating the CTC of your employees. You get everything readymade in our toolkit.

Easy to customize

The templates are designed according to the usual HR norms followed in the corporate. However, you can customize them easily according to your requirements.

Low investment, maximum benefits

At just Rs 2,499, you get all the templates and policies to use. Instead of investing in an HR team, you can invest your valuable money in areas that will grow your business.

We Let HR Focus on More Important Things!

How to get the Startup HR Toolkit?

The Startup HR toolkit costs just Rs 2,499 (it does not even account for a fraction of the amount invested in setting up an HR department).

The process of getting this toolkit is very easy!
Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you the login details that you can use to download this immensely useful Toolkit.
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