compensation and benefits in hrm

What is Compensation and Benefits in HRM Objectives, Examples

What is Compensation and Benefits in HRM?

Compensation and Benefits in HRM refer to the salary, monetary, and as well as non-monetary privileges provided to the employees at the workplace by the organization. It is a primary tool of the Human Resource Managers to bring out the best potential of the employees in their work. It works in a way – ‘Better is the compensation & benefits, better is the performance and retention!’ From internal motivation to the higher level of productivity, Compensation and Benefits does it all!


Companies with better Compensation and Benefits plans are on the verge of stealing your employees because workers always look to switch to the organization’s having better salary structures, compensation, and other benefits like health insurance. Everything related to the company’s work culture and benefit plans can be easily found online, especially Glassdoor. Each experience faced by employees from monetary to non-monetary terms is present in online reviews about the company.


Also, such information helps employees weigh the pros and cons of working with the company, which leads to their decision-making about joining the company by evaluating the online data. Henceforth, the new talent can either get attracted or distracted by seeing those reviews online. The more you keep your internal employees happy with the reasonable Compensation and Benefits programs, the more good word of mouth they will spread for your company.


In order to ensure competitive and fair pay that will attract new employees and retain existing ones, you need to utilize suitable resources in order to build a comprehensive compensation structure. Compensation data tools based on real-time data for markets can empower you to implement compensation and benefits in line with the standards of your industry.”


According to Dale Yoder, – ‘Compensation and benefits simply mean paying people for completing the task allocated to them.’


According to Cascio, – ‘The term compensation signifies paying the direct cash amounts or an indirect amount via providing benefits to employees to strive for higher productivity in the organization.’

Compensation plays a significant role in Human Resource Management to boost the overall performance and effectiveness of the employees working in the organization. Compensation is at the heart center of every company! Like heartbeat is one of the primary components for human survival, benefits availed via settlement keep employees survive or retain for the long term in the companies. It usually motivates employees in various unseen ways, reinforcing them to provide more than 100% effort to earn more and more such rewards. Providing compensation to the breadwinners in the organizations has been in practice for years now in the industries today.


According to the HR research-based reports


According to the HR research-based reports, – ‘80% of managers believe that compensation is the necessary reward not because it costs money but because 90% of employees look for such small details, including compensation as a primary part before joining and leaving the companies.’


The various legit surveys taken from the employees stated that – ‘Compensation in the multiple attire encourages the employees for taking care of their extra monthly expenses, contributes to savings, copying up with the inflation rates and much more!’


Several employees also work according to the reward they get paid for the work done apart from the salary. It’s a bit obvious that nobody will put effort into moving a few extra miles at the same wage.


Companies need to ‘give extra, to get extra’ – the strategy is as simple as you may think!


This blog will get served with all the mandatory details you need to know about the Compensation and HRM benefits.

Objectives of Compensation and Benefits

Objectives of Compensation and Benefits in HRM

The employer’s and employees’ views are pretty different concerning compensation and benefits. The employers want to pay the amount as minimum as they can to save the company’s cost. On the other hand, the employees want to get as much as they can. Therefore, the objectives of the compensation management are formulated for addressing and fulfilling the needs of the employers and the employees to come to a common point.


Multiple objectives are associated with Compensation and Benefits. Understand all of them one by one below:


1. Control the incurring costs of the organization.


2. Follow the labor laws or wage system by acknowledging the legal provisions To bring an easy understanding of salary structure and other benefits by the staff of the company.

3. To enhance the overall motivation of an employee.


4. To improve the comprehensive company’s ranking on social platforms in terms of employee motivation and satisfaction.


5. Competent compensation for reinforcing the reward winning behavior Balance in pay structure also helps in attracting the right and creative talent.


6. Long Term Retention of the employee.


7. Payment must meet the employees’ overall needs and expectations in return for the work done.

Types of Compensation

Compensation can take place on Monetary and Non-Monetary terms.


1. Direct Compensation

It enables the employers to make sure that employees are getting paid without any biasedness inside the premises of an organization. All the benefits, including the employees’ salary as well as health-related benefits, are included in this type of compensation.

It keeps the threat of ‘cost incurred loss’ away from the employer’s minds that a well-trained employee might leave the organization to the competition.


Multiple Monetary forms of compensation include the following

1. Bonus
2. Employee rewards and recognition,
3. commission on sales,
4. Sharing of profits,
5. Paying for working overtime etc.


2. Indirect Compensation

Indirect compensation indirectly motivates the employees. It doesn’t involve the direct transfer of the money between the two parties. Instead, the employees are helped with multiple other beneficial things instead of getting benefits in cash. It eventually creates a sense of belonging and admiration by the company, keeping them away from the front of leaving the organization.


Non Monetary forms of compensation include:

1. Internet reimbursement
2. Mobile phone reimbursement,
3. Public recognition
4. Transfer facility
5. Promotion opportunities
6. Paid house for stay by the company, as well as
7. Company car for traveling office.
8. Free scholarship for an online courses.

Components of Compensation

Understanding as well as researching the Compensation model followed by a specific company well in advance has become essential for determining how long an employee will plan his journey inside the organization. Also, its components help the new joiners to get a brief idea about how well the compensation model company holds.

The various Components of Compensation includes the following:


1. Analysis of Job

Job Analysis comes into the picture when you do the detailed process of analysis of the job. It further gives way to formulating the description of a specific job. Various techniques are used while analyzing the position, i.e.,

1. Questionnaires
2. Interviews
3. Observation

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2. Description of Job

Job Descriptions – plays a crucial role by being the most vital component of the entire selection system of a candidate and their compensation.

Descriptions of the different jobs are made differently, or for the same profiles, Also, it’s made as one for the whole family. Job Descriptions are mainly responsible for determining the numerous aspects of a single job as a whole.

Some of these elements are mention below:
1. Duties
2. Responsibilities
3. Environmental conditions
4. Requirements
5. Functions
6. Location


3. Evaluation of Job

Evaluation of JobCandidates often feel the comparison of different jobs is quintessential. It allows them to have a basic idea about the compensation model followed by various companies for the same profile. Once the candidate makes the comparison, he selects the best suitable company in terms of compensation level.

Four different techniques used for evaluating a particular are mentioned below:
1. Factor Comparison
2. Ranking
3. Point Method
4. Classification


4. Pay Structures

The pay structure allows the companies to standardize the overall compensation strategy. Also, it often comes up with the grading system. Here, each grade comprises the minimum fixed salary, and with the increase in it, the compensation takes a peak too under the predefined maximum range of it.


Union-level positions have the predefined pay for a particular job through collective bargaining. In this, the compensation pays step increments as a usual standard set by the company.


5. Salary Related Researchers and Surveys

Salary-related surveys are customarily conducted aiming to gather the overall market data based on the salary. We all know that data is everything. Here, what happens is that the companies are eager to buy the data based on the surveys done regarding the salaries via survey companies.


They also conduct their surveys in exceptional cases, which gives them a fair idea about the competitive salary and ongoing salary trends in the market. All of these surveys conducted are specific to industries or a geographical area or an amalgamation of all. It is wholly based on the client company on what type of survey they are looking for as per their requirements.

The survey generally includes the following:
1. Inflation Rates
2. Average of the Salary Budgets
3. Average Salaries to date
4. Cost of Living

Emerging Role & Significance of the Compensation and Benefits in HRM

The company following healthy Compensation and Benefits practices can accomplish its goals even faster. It is because everything is connected; ultimately, employees’ happiness decides their dedication towards the work.

Such features can also help the companies to ensure employee retention and overall satisfaction. The compensation and benefits holds a significant role in the HRM part of the organization and can provide an enormous advantage to the company in the following listed ways:


1. The entire process of evaluating the job gets strengthen and also, adopting compensation and benefits measures.


2. It, in turn, helps to design more realistic and achievable targets or goals for the employees.


3. It enriches the bond of colleagues working with each other. It leads to motivated employees putting in the best of their efforts because they feel satisfied and fitted to the organization.


4. Compensation and Benefits design and implementation based on labor laws. Because of this, the chance of conflicts or unnecessary arguments between the coworkers comes to an end before it even starts. Overall, it leads to a peaceful working atmosphere and a healthy professional relationship between the employer and the employees.


5. It enables the employers to retain the promising talent of the company. And no company would expect the employee to leave so soon after they have trained them well. Henceforth, such Compensation and Benefits schemes allow employees to retain and stick to the company for the long term without getting distracted from the outside offers.


6. Compensation and Benefits act as a paycheck or a refund to the employees for all the hard work and efforts they have put into the organization.


7. The better the Compensation and Benefits plan, the better will be the efficiency of the employees. Workers are driven by the factors that make them feel happy about everything while adhering to the organization. Such plans ensure the employees become the best version of themselves and show 110% dedication towards their work.

Ways to Calculate the Compensation and Benefits in HRM


Organizations generally hold the liberty to design the minimum wages according to their businesses, though the government has developed the standard minimum wages across industries. However, in human resource management – HRM, the human resources managers usually design the compensation as per the ongoing market rate they pay to the employees after completing a specific task weekly, fortnightly or every month.


Employees are generally not transparent about their monthly take-home salaries or the variable components of it. Henceforth, the specific market rates meant and designed for each position holder in the company helps to ascertain the pay clear to the roles and responsibilities.


Market rate determination: The salary surveys are used as a primary tool all across the folks by a compensation consultant to determine the market rates of a specific position. It enables the various companies to share their data regarding their compensation for the internal employees. vendors sold this data anonymous without revealing the name of the companies or the third parties to the businesses while needing it. In this way, helps determine the average salary structure for a specific job role.


For example, for a financial analyst, the salary must be a minimum of INR YYYYY, where y is an extraordinary salary amount formulated and finalized by analyzing the existing market trends.


Also, the significant constraint and the notable point that comes into the picture here is that – the base pay for all the positions cannot be justifiably defined using the salary surveys as that would create big chaos. Why is it so? The Digital Marketing Manager working at the fortune 500 listed companies will have job roles and also, underlying responsibilities, which differs from the digital marketing manager working at a company with 15 to 20 employees.


Determination of the exact pay for an employee can be a somewhat cumbersome task for a compensation manager. To overcome this, he uses statistical tools like regression analysis to come up with the most suitable salary range as well as a defined bracket for an employee based on his capabilities and experience.


The variables used while doing the regression analysis are starts below:

1. Total years of experience
2. Current in-hand and variable salary
3. Exempt and Non Exempt status
4. Education background – The highest degree
5. College of graduation
6. Time spent with the previous companies
7. Time spent at a particular position
8. Rating based on the job performances and achievements
9. Whether the work has been done on a full-time basis, part-time basis, or a freelance basis
10. Salary hike based on the last drawn
11. Current location of an employee
12. Grade level


Skills, capabilities, education, and the creativity level of the different employees differ! Henceforth it’s completely senseless to pay the same salary to all the employees working at the same position in a specific company. It would result in the losing morale of a person with five years of experience having a different level of expertise for the same profile. Also, it is based on his experience, his salary will be additional.


The managers handling all the company’s compensation define the salary bracket, the basic pay, and also, the monthly take-home amount. Based on the performances, the variable components of the salary usually alter. The final combination model consists of all the other benefits like health, life insurance, stocks, incentive structure, company pick up as well as drop facility, company retirement benefits, etc.

Simon Sinek’s Why Compensation and Benefits Model


Simon Sinek’s Why Model also has a lot to do with Compensation and Benefits. In the Total Rewards Matrix Model, employees want to understand what parameters influence their performances. But, in Simon Sinek’s Why Model, the real question revolves around why? According to Sinek, the most vital communicators start with why? Why did this happen? Why did this company have a specific policy? also, he states that finding the answer to the why? Doesn’t make sense to acquire the shareholder value in any company.


According to Sinek, the millennials who took birth between 1981 to 1996 now are in their early 30’s behave differently compared to other generations. Such a generation is always seen to be curious about putting why to every question? Why this…why that? Everything ends with why – this is how they differ from another set of generations.


They prefer knowing the answer to every why? They might also seem to sit with their managers and have a deep conversation about why doing a specific thing is a part of their job role? Why it exists – It can prove to be highly beneficial and impactful in your millennial overall engagement and turnover! Being a manager, you need to provide the knowledge and understanding of your company’s business.


Also, all the completion and benefit models need to get adjust and change with the upcoming generations. With the entry of Millenial Z, the questions of why will, however, increase and make these compensation plans more appealing and exciting to the outside candidates. The existing employees can highly change the entire game of the company in a matter of seconds.

How Does Compensation and Benefits in HRM be Related to Employee Motivation?


When it comes to employee motivation, two significant factors are taken care of for overall employee satisfaction. They are as follows:

Distributive, as well as Procedural Fairness, is directly proportional to employees motivation In an organization, the compensation is made fair in the two ways mentioned below:


Method 1: Distributive Fairness
Employees observe fairness in terms of the overall compensation received by an individual.


Method 2: Procedural Fairness
It is the fairness observed by the employees in terms of the methods or means utilized for determining those individual compensation amounts.


Studies conducted on Distributive & Procedural fairness:

Study 1: According to one of the studies done by the UK researchers, – ‘Both kinds of fairness – Distributive & procedural yields the higher level of employee satisfaction and also, to retention in the company. Although, Procedural Fairness has a lot of upper hands regarding employee engagement in the company activities.’


Study 2: According to the Chinese compulsory school teachers’ survey, ‘The prevailing employee motivation, as well as devotion towards working, is determined only with the help of Procedural fairness. Here, the Distributive fairness has no role to play according to the study.’


Study 3: According to anyone by Glassdoor, – ‘The findings revealed that the employees’ likelihood of sticking with the current company increased by 1.5% to grow and avail more responsibilities for the upcoming roles, and also, after increasing their basic pay amount by 10%.’

Benefits and Employees Motivation are Interrelated.


Salary alone cannot decide the extended stay or long-term association of the employees with the company. Also, other benefits play a vital role in helping them continue providing the services like stock benefits, health and life insurances, 401 k, pension, etc. All such benefits come up with their terms and conditions. In addition, several employees are asked to stay with the company for a specific time to be eligible for extra services.


Survey 1: According to the SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management, – ‘The 62% employees of the US reportedly admitted the fact that health-related benefits provided by the company mean a lot to them.


The primary data confirms that more than half of the employees’ overall happiness is based on the benefits provided by the companies to them. Henceforth, it’s enough for the organization to understand the increasing effort to optimize these areas to increase overall employee retention.


Survey 2: As per another survey done by the SHRM, – ‘The indirect compensation plays a major role in creating the overall happiness of the employees at the workplace.’


Benefits and Employees Motivation are interrelated

The results of the survey contributing to the happiness of the employees are as follows percentage-wise:

1. Working Flexibility – 53%
2. Timely Leaves – 63%
3. Overall Retirement Benefits – 48%
4. Family Gracious Privileges – 35%


Survey 3: According to the third survey of the University of Pennsylvania, ‘The survey results revealed that no compensation or the delay in providing the compensation either affected the overall employee’s performance in the organization or triggered him to resign sooner than expected. However, such activities highly provoked the low retention of the workers in the company.’



Every company must adopt the ‘compensation and benefits in their policies to help companies grow tremendously in the future. Suppose your company is looking to retain the best talent of your organization for the long term without any problems. The organization’s best talent is always on the verge of getting attract due to the other companies’ good packages and other benefits. In that case, engaging them via the means of Compensation and Benefits can be an excellent choice to make! It will also help companies themselves in better growth and fast progress.


Love your employees, and they will love you back!

Appreciate your employees, and they will respect you back!

Make your employees happy, and they will travel miles to return that happiness by ten folds to you!

Always remember – “Right talent as well as client satisfaction are the two tools for a company’s success!”

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                            Form No – 11 Summons to produce Documents
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                            Form No – 12 Sickness or Temporary Disablement Benefit
                            Form No – 12A Maternity Benefit for Sickness
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                            Form No – 13 (Rule No. 9(7)) Register of Affidavits sworn
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                            Form No – 15-A Under Rule 57(1)
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                            Form No – 16 (Rule No.60)
                            Form No – 16 Accident Report from Employer
                            Form No – 16-A Rule No.72(ii)
                            Form No – 17 (Regulation No. 65) Notice from Investigating Officer to Employer to affix notice of meeting of employees
                            Form No – 17 Dependants’ or Funeral Benefit
                            Form No – 17 Rule No. 78 (ii)
                            Form No – 18 (Regulation No. 70) Receipt for Documents produced before Investigating Officer
                            Form No – 18 (Regulation
                            Form No – 18 Dependants’ Benefit
                            Form No – 18A Dependants’ Benefit
                            Form No – 18-A Under Regulation
                            Form No – 19 (Regulation No. 100) Complaint of Unfair Labour Practice
                            Form No – 19 (Regulation
                            Form No – 19 Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 20 (Rules 91 and 95) Bond and bail bond for attendance before the court
                            Form No – 20 Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 20 Notice to party in application regarding Unfair Labour Practice (Regulation 105)
                            Form No – 21 (Regulation No. 112(ii))
                            Form No – 21 (Rule No. 94) Notice to an accused person
                            Form No – 21 Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 22 (Regulation 118 (ii)) Notice to a party for hearing an Application to set aside an ex parte order
                            Form No – 22 Claim for Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 22 Rule 97(a)
                            Form No – 23 (Regulation 130) Notice to the Respondent
                            Form No – 23 (Rule No.98)
                            Form No – 23 Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 24 Maternity Benefit
                            Form No – 24 Rule No. 99(i)
                            Form No – 24-A (Regulation No. 141)
                            Form No – 24A Maternity Benefit After the Death of an Insured Woman Leaving Behind the Child
                            Form No – 24B Maternity Benefit Death Certificate
                            Form No – 25 (Under Regulation No. 142) Certificate under Section 50 of the Act
                            Form No – 25 Claim for Permanent Disablement Benefit
                            Form No – 25 Regulation 143, Rule 99(ii
                            Form No – 25A Funeral
                            Form No – 26 (Regulation No. 143)
                            Form No – 26 (Under Rule No.102) Periodical returns by a Registered Union
                            Form No – 26 Certificate for Permanent Disablement Benefit
                            Form No – 27 Declaration and Certificate for Dependants’ Benefit
                            Form No – 27-A Warrant of Arrest
                            Form No – 27-B (Regulation No. 138) Bond and Bail Bond for Attendance Before the Court
                            Form No – 28 (Regulation No. 146) Periodical Returns by Registered Union
                            Form No – 28 Regulation 52A
                            Form No – 28A Regulation 52A
                            Form No -15 (Rule No. 55)
                            FORM O Register of Settlements (Rule 75)
                            FORM O1 Notice of Commencement of Lay-Off (Rule 75A)
                            FORM O2 Notice of Termination of Lay-Off (Rule 75 A)
                            Form P – Notice of Retrenchment Under Clause (C) of Section 25F (Rule 76)
                            Form PA – Notice for Permission for Retrenchment Under Section 25N (1)(b)
                            Form Q – Notice of Closure Under Section 25FFA (Rule 76A)
                            Form QA – Notice for Permission of Closure Under Section 25-O (1) (Rule 76C(1))
                            FORM V – Rule 26(5)
                            FORM V – Form of Certificate by Principal Employer
                            FORM V Form of Certificate by Principal Employer
                            FORM VA – Application for Adjustment of Security Deposit
                            FORM V-A – Application for adjustment of Security Deposit
                            FORM VI – Licence
                            FORM VI A – Notice of Commencement
                            FORM VI B – Notice of Commencement
                            FORM VI- Form of application by an employee under section 20(2)
                            FORM VI Government of India office of licensing officer
                            FORM VI-A- Form of group application under section 21(1)
                            FORM VI-A Notice of commencement
                            FORM VI-B Notice of commencement
                            FORM VII – Application for renewal of licence
                            FORM VII- Form of application by an inspector or person acting with the permission of the authority under section 23(20)
                            FORM VIII – Application for Temporary Registration of Establishments employing Contract Labour
                            FORM VIII – Form of authority in favour of a legal practitioner or any official
                            FORM VIII Application for temporary registration of establishments employing contract labour
                            FORM X Application for temporary licence
                            FORM XI Office of the Licensing Officer
                            FORM XI- Rules 26(2)
                            FORM XII Register of Contractors
                            FORM XIII Register of workmen employed by Contractor
                            FORM XIV Employment Card
                            FORM XIX Wage Slip
                            FORM XV – Service Certificate
                            FORM XVI Muster Roll
                            FORM XVII Register of wages
                            FORM XVIII Form Register of Wages – cum- Muster Roll
                            FORM XX Register of Deductions for damage or loss.
                            FORM XXI Register of Fines
                            FORM XXII Register of Advances
                            FORM XXIII Register of Overtime
                            FORM XXIV Return to be sent by the Contractor to the Licensing Officer
                            FORM XXV Annual Return of Principal Employer to be sent to the Registering Officer
                            FORM-I – Rule-21(4)
                            FORM-II – Rules 21 (4)
                            FORM-III – RULE 21(4a)
                            Renewal Proforma for Coverage – To be submitted by an employer

                             FORM NO. 4 Statement of the amount or rate percent of the commission payable in respect of sharesDebentures and of the number of sharesdebentures for which persons have agreed
                             FORM NO. 7E Form of intimation to the Central Government of the Proposal to transfer shares form of application for approval of the Central Government for transfer of shares of Foreign Companies
                             FORM NO. 23A Form of Application to the Central Government for obtaining for the previous approval for AppointmentContinuance of the former Managing Agents or Secretaries and Treasurers
                             FORM NO. 24A Form of application to the Central Government for obtaining for obtaining the previous approval for entering into contracts with the company for the sale, purchase or supply
                             FORM 7C Application for extension of time under section 108(1D) [Pursuant to section 108(1D)]
                             Form 36 Receiver’s or manager’s abstract of receipts and payments
                             Form for Filing Addendum for Rectification of Defects or Incompleteness
                             Form for Filing Complaint(S) Against the Company (Investor Complaint Form)
                             Form for Submission of Compliance Certificate with the Registrar
                             FORM NO 29 Consent to act as director of a company andor undertaking to take and pay for qualification shares
                             FORM NO. 1 Declaration of compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 1956 on application for registration of a company
                             FORM NO. 1A Application form for availability or change of names
                             FORM NO. 1AA Particulars of person(s)director(s)chargedspecified for the purpose of clause (f)(g) of section 5
                             FORM NO. 1AB Consent of the person charged by the Board with the responsibility of complying with the provisions of the Act
                             FORM NO. 1AC Particulars of person(s)director(s)chargedspecified for the purpose of clause (f)(g) of section 5
                             FORM NO. 1B Application for the approval of the Central Government for conversion of a public company into a private company
                             FORM NO. 2 Return on allotments
                             FORM NO. 2A COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Memorandum containing salient features of prospectus [See section 56(3)]
                             FORM NO. 3 Particulars of contract relating to shares [Pursuant to section 75(2)]
                             FORM NO. 5 Notice of consolidation, division, etc.,increase in share capitalincrease in number of members [Pursuant to sections 95, 9794A(2)81(4)]
                             FORM No. 7B Share Transfer Form [Pursuant to section 108(IA)1]
                             rms\FORM NO. 7BB [Pursuant to sub-rule (2A) of rule 5A Companies (Central Government’s) General Rules and Forms, 1956 read with section 108(1A) of the Companies Act, 1956]
                             FORM NO. 7D (See rule 5B) Form of application for approval of the Central Government for acquisition of shares
                             FORM NO. 8 Modification of charges
                             FORM NO. 12 Chronological index of charges [pursuant to section 131]
                             FORM NO. 13. Register of charges
                             FORM NO. 15 Notice of appointment of receiver or manager
                             FORM NO. 16 Notice to be given by receivermanager on ceasing to act as such
                             FORM NO. 17 Memorandum of complete satisfaction of charge
                             FORM NO. 18 Notice of the situationchange of situation of registered office.PDF”
                             FORM NO. 19 Declaration of compliance with the provisions of section 149(1)(a), (b) and ┬⌐ of the Companies.PDF”
                             FORM NO. 20 Declaration of compliance with the provisions of section 149(2)(b).PDF”
                             FORM NO. 20A Declaration of compliance with the provisions of section 149(2A) or of the section 149(2B) [pursuant to section 149(2A)(ii)].PDF”
                             FORM NO. 21 Notice of the court’sCompany Law Board’s Order.PDF”
                             FORM NO. 21A [pursuant to section 160].PDF”
                             FORM NO. 22 Statutory report
                             FORM NO. 22A Consent of shareholder for shorter notice
                             FORM NO. 23 Registration of Resolution(s) and Agreement(s)
                             FORM NO. 23 Registration of Resolution(s) and Agreement(s).PDF”
                             FORM NO. 23AA Notice of address at which books of accounts are maintained
                             FORM NO. 23AB (See Rule 7A) Statement contenting salient features of balance sheet and profit and loss account, etc. as per section 219(1)(b)(iv)
                             FORM NO. 23C Form of application to the Central Government for the appointment of cost Auditors.PDF”
                             FORM NO. 24. Form of application to Central Government for increasing the number of directors of company
                             FORM NO. 24AA Notice by the interested director [Pursuant to section 299]
                             FORM NO. 24B Form of application to the Central Government for obtaining prior consent for the holding by certain persons of any office or place of profit in a company
                             FORM NO. 25A Form of application to the Central Government for approval of appointmentre-appointment and remuneration payable to managingwhole-time director(s) or manager
                             FORM NO. 25B Form of application to the Central Government for approval to amendment of provisions
                             FORM NO. 26 Form of application to the Central Government for increasing the remuneration of managingwhole-time directormanager
                             FORM NO. 32 Particulars of appointment of directors and manager and changes among them [Pursuant to section 303(2)].PDF”
                             FORM No. 34 Register of Directors, Managing Director ,Manager and Secretary, etc. [Pursuant to section 306]
                             FORM No. 34AA Form of application.pdf”
                             FORM No. 34B Form of application to the Central Government for purchase by companies of shares of other companies
                             FORM No. 35 Notice to dissenting shareholders
                             FORM No. 35A Information to be furnished in relation to any offer of a scheme or contract involving the transfer of shares (2)
                             FORM No. 35A Information to be furnished in relation to any offer of a scheme or contract involving the transfer of shares
                             FORM No. 37 Application by an existing joint stock company for registration as a limitedan unlimited company
                             FORM No. 38 Application by an existing company (not being a joint stock company) for registration as a limitedan unlimited company
                             FORM No. 39 Registration’ of an existing company List of Members
                             FORM No. 40 Registration of an existing company as a limited company Statement specifying certain particulars
                             FORM No. 41 Registration of an existing company as a limited company copy of resolution assenting to registration with limited liability
                             FORM No. 42 List of the names, addresses and occupations of the directors and the manager, if any, of the existing company not being, a joint stock company
                             FORM No. 44 Documents delivered for registration by a foreign company.PDF”
                             FORM No. 49 Return of alteration in the (A) Charter, statutes or memorandum and articles of association (B) Address of the registered
                             FORM No. 52 Notice of (A) Alteration in the names and addresses of persons resident in India authorised to accept service on behalf of a foreign company
                             FORM No. 55 Particulars of charge’ on property in India created by a foreign company after the 15th January, 1937
                             FORM No. 56 Particulars of charge’ subject to which property in India has been acquired by a foreign company after 15th January, 1937
                             FORM No. 57 Particulars of an issue of debentures in a series by a foreign company [Pursuant to section 600 read with section 128, provision
                             FORM No. 58 Particulars of series of debentures containing, or giving by reference to any other instrument
                             FORM No. 59 Particulars of modifications of charge’ created by a foreign company
                             FORM No. 60 Memorandum of complete satisfaction of charge’ created by a foreign company
                             FORM NO.10 Particulars of a series of debentures, containing or giving by reference to any other instruments
                             FORM No.14 Form for intimating to Registrar of Companies of conversion of the company into limited liability partnership (LLP).PDF”
                             FORM NO.23B Notice by auditor
                             FORM NO.25C Return of appointment of Managing DirectorWhole-time DirectorManager
                             Form of Application for Removal of Disqualification of Directors
                             Form of Return to be Filed with the Registrar
                             Particulars of Appointment of Managing Director, Directors, Manager and Secretary and the Changes among them
                             Report by a Public Company

                            HR Letters (126)


                             Acceptance Letter
                             Aceeptance of Resignation
                             Annual Company Bonus Letter
                             Appraisal Certificate with Promotion without Increment
                             Background Checks response Letter
                             Birthday Wish Letter
                             Bonus Announcement Letter
                             Branch Transfer Letter to Employee
                             Breach of Employment Letter
                             Condolence letter to business associates, clients, vendors, etc
                             Condolence to Coworker
                             Contract Termination Letter for Vendors
                             Critical Employee Talent Pool
                             Custom Letter of Appointment
                             Demotion Letter
                             Disciplinary Suspension without Pay Letter
                             Educational Reference Check
                             Employee Announcement template
                             Employee Expectations Letter
                             Employee Guarantee Letter for VISA Application
                             Employee Investigation Letter
                             Employee Reassignment Letter
                             Employee recognition letter
                             Employee Welcome Letter
                             Employment Letter for Consular Processing
                             Employment Reference Letter
                             Employment Verification Letter (1)
                             EX Employees For Joining Competitor Notice
                             Exit Interview Letter
                             Experience Certificate
                             Experience or Relieving letter with praise
                             Farewell Letter
                             Festival bonus Letter with Neccessary Clauses
                             Festival letter – Diwali
                             Festive letter – Independence – Republic Day
                             Festive Letter – Christmas
                             Festive Letter – Eid
                             Festive Letter – Holi
                             Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
                             Final Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
                             Final Warning Notice for Performance Issues
                             First Warning Letter
                             Follow up Letter
                             Formal Notification Letter
                             Full-n-Final Settlement with Confirmation
                             Granting Permission Letter
                             HR Appointment Letter
                             HR Letter for Employee Transfer
                             Incident report
                             Inter-Department Transfer Letter
                             Internship offer letter
                             Internship offer letter with NDA (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Invite to Grievance Hearing
                             Job Offer Letter (A)
                             Job Offer Letter (CASUAL)
                             Job Offer Letter (INTERNAL)
                             Job Offer Letter (INTERNSHIP)
                             Job Offer Letter (PART TIME OR CONTRACT)
                             Job Offer Letter (SIMPLE)
                             Job Transfer Letter without promotion
                             Letter commending an employee for handling an emergency situation
                             Letter Confirmation of Job Offer
                             Letter Confirming Unauthorized Absence
                             Letter for confirmation of existing employee
                             Letter for Redundancy
                             Letter for sign up for voluntary service
                             Letter inviting employee to investigatory interview
                             Letter Issuing Official Warning for coming late
                             Letter of application for application of casual leave
                             Letter of application for application of Sick leave
                             Letter of application for reimbursement
                             Letter of Appointment (A)
                             Letter of Appointment (B)
                             Letter of Appointment
                             Letter of Confirmation after probation
                             Letter of Dismissal
                             Letter of Identity Proof by Organization
                             Letter of Interest
                             Letter of Warning
                             Letter suspending employee pending disciplinary investigation
                             Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary appeal hearing
                             Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – dismissal
                             Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – first or final written warning
                             Letter to employee confirming outcome of disciplinary hearing – summary dismissal for gross misconduct
                             Letter to employee inviting them to disciplinary appeal hearing
                             Letter to File MediClaim
                             Letter to invite employee to disciplinary hearing
                             Meeting Rescheduled Letter
                             New Employee Letter of Engagement
                             New Employee Welcome Letter
                             New Hire Probation Letter
                             Notice Letter for Intoxication at work
                             Official Employee Offer Letter
                             Promotion Letter
                             Promotion Offer Letter
                             Query Letter to Employee
                             Quotation Approval Letter
                             Quotation Negotiation Letter
                             Quotation Request Letter
                             Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Employer
                             Recommendation Letter
                             Relieving Letter
                             Request for Background verification
                             Resignation Acceptance General – Key Employee
                             Resignation Acceptance General
                             Resignation Withdrawal for Growth Prospects
                             Resignation Withdrawal for Role Change
                             Response to labour officer against complaints
                             Response to the bank reference letter
                             Salary Increase Letter
                             Shift change letter
                             TDS Defaulter letter
                             Termination letter – Excessive Absenteeism (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Termination letter – Substance Abuse (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Termination of Employment Letter Serious Misconduct (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Termination on Account of Financial Fraud (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Termination of Probationary Employee Letter
                             Thank you letter for award nomination
                             Thank you letter for the award received
                             Warning Letter for Unsatisfactory Job Performance
                             Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
                             Warning Notice for General Behaviour Issues
                             Warning Notice for Misbehaviour on Specific Date-Occassion
                             Warning Notice for Performance Issues
                             Work Anniversary Letter
                             Work Experience Verification Letter

                            Employee Onboarding (15)


                             Company policies checklist for new hires
                             Employee announcement is a critical step
                             Joining Bonus Letter with Retention Clause
                             Employee Induction
                             Employee Joining Form
                             Employee Personal Details Form
                             Job offer email
                             New employee announcement email
                             New employee welcome email template
                             New hire checklist template
                             Onboarding checklist
                             Employee Induction Checklist
                             HR Checklist For Startups
                             Welcoming New Employee
                             Work from home guidelines

                            Training Module (38)


                             Business Communication – Session A – NEW
                             Business Communication – Session B – NEW
                             Business Communication – Session C – NEW
                             Career Management
                             Change Management
                             Competency-based HR Management
                             Developing a World Class HR Strategy
                             Digital HR
                             Email Etiquettes
                             Employee Motivation Techniques
                             Good to Great
                             How to Attract and Retain Top Talents
                             HR Training Budget
                             HR TRAINING PROGRAM – NEW
                             Importance of Product Knowledge Training
                             Leadership Skills
                             Managerial And Supervisory Skills Training
                             Manpower Planning
                             moon landing activity
                             Orientation Training
                             Principles of HR Management
                             Recruitment Strategy
                             Role Analysis
                             Selling skills Training
                             Teamwork Training
                             Technical Skills Training
                             Telephone Etiquettes
                             The 7 Cs of Communication
                             Time Management Training
                             Training & Development Plan
                             Training Announcement
                             Training Budget Template
                             Training Calendar Template
                             training cost analysis template
                             Training Cost Per Employee Calculator
                             Training Gap Analysis
                             Training Needs Analysis Report

                             Interview Guide
                             Behavioural Interview Questions
                             Brain Teaser Interview Questions
                             Common Interview Questions
                             Communication Skills Interview Questions
                             Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions
                             Illegal Interview Questions
                             Leadership Interview Questions
                             Phone Interview Questions
                             Second Interview Questions
                             Situational Interview Questions
                             Stress Interview Questions

                             Application acknowledgment email
                             Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to hiring manager
                             Email to successful candidate after interview
                             Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager
                             Interview availability email
                             Interview cancellation email from employer
                             Interview confirmation email
                             Interview no-show email template
                             Interview reminder email template
                             Phone interview confirmation email
                             Phone interview invitation email
                             Recruiting text messages to candidates for different scenarios
                             Reschedule interview with candidates email
                             Scheduling an interview email
                             Second interview confirmation email
                             Second interview invitation email
                             Sending an interview assignment: example email
                             Skype interview invitation email
                             Video interview invitation email

                             Background check update to candidates email
                             Contract employee offer letter sample
                             Developer Job Offer Letter template
                             Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format
                             Informal offer letter sample
                             Internal promotion offer email
                             Job offer email template
                             Part-time to full-time offer letter template
                             Salary negotiation with candidates email template
                             Sales Job Offer Letter template
                             offer letter sample

                             Applicant rejection letter sample
                             Candidate rejection email template
                             Candidate rejection letter sample
                             Interview feedback to candidates email
                             Job application rejection email template
                             Post-interview rejection letter sample
                             Rejecting overqualified candidates email

                             Email from employer to a recruitment agency or external recruiter
                             Email template for sourcing a referred candidate
                             Internal job posting email
                             Keeping candidates warm email
                             New job opportunity email to past candidate
                             Passive candidate email
                             Recruiter introduction to candidates email
                             Recruiting bilingual candidates email
                             Sourcing developer candidates email
                             Sourcing marketing candidates email
                             Sourcing military veteran candidates email
                             Sourcing sales candidates email

                             Employee referral bonus program announcement email
                             Employee referral program sample email
                             Employee referrals from external network email
                             Refer a friend for a job email
                             Employee Referral Program Procedures

                            Performance Management Process (12)


                             Balance Scorecard
                             Performance Management Process
                             Performance Review
                             Employee Performance Tracker Excel
                             HR Audit Checklist
                             Performance Improvement Plan
                             Performance Appraisal Letter
                             Performance Warning Letter
                             HR Analytics Roadmap
                             HR Workforce Planning Roadmap
                             Performance Development Plan Template
                             Employe Performance Review

                            R&R (4)


                             10 Types of Rewards and Recognition
                             The Employee Engagement
                             Star Employee Nomination Form
                             Workplace competitions

                            Engagement Plan (4)


                             Employee of the Month Policy
                             Engagement Plan
                             Mentorship Program
                             HR Employee Experience Roadmap

                            Exit Process (10)


                             Exit Process
                             Leaving Formalities
                             Exit Interview Format
                             Relieving letter
                             Full-N-Final Settlement Calculator (Only with Gold Plan)
                             Employee Clearance Form
                             Employee Attrition Report
                             HR Resignation Process Flowchart
                             Job Transfer with Promotion & Role Change
                             Resignation Process Flowchart

                            Alarm Technician Job Description

                            Appliance Repair Technician Job Description
                            Auto Body Technician Job Description
                            Auto Electrician Job Description
                            Auto Glass Technician Job Description
                            Automotive Technician Job Description
                            Cable Installer Job Description
                            Cable Technician Job Description
                            Car Detailer Job Description
                            Chemical Technician Job Description
                            Diesel Mechanic Job Description
                            Domestic Engineer Job Description
                            Electrical Drafter Job Description
                            Electrical Estimator Job Description
                            Electrical Supervisor Job Description
                            Electrical Technician Job Description
                            Electrician Apprentice Job Description
                            Electrician Job Description
                            Electronics Technician Job Description
                            Field Service Technician Job Description
                            Fitter Job Description Template
                            Floor Tech Job Description
                            Gis Analyst Job Description
                            Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Description
                            Helicopter Mechanic Job Description
                            Hvac Helper Job Description
                            Hvac Service Technician Job Description
                            Hvac Technician Job Description
                            Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Job Description
                            Industrial Painter Job Description
                            Installation Technician Job Description Template
                            Installer Job Description
                            Journeyman Electrician Job Description
                            Journeyman Lineman Job Description
                            Line Worker Job Description
                            Lube Technician Job Description
                            Maintenance Assistant Job Description
                            Maintenance Coordinator Job Description
                            Maintenance Electrician Job Description
                            Maintenance Manager Job Description
                            Maintenance Mechanic Job Description
                            Maintenance Supervisor Job Description
                            Maintenance Technician Job Description
                            Maintenance Worker Job Description
                            Master Electrician Job Description
                            Mechanic Apprentice Job Description
                            Mechanic Job Description
                            Mechanical Technician Job Description
                            Mig Welder Job Description
                            Mot Tester Job Description
                            Production Technician Job Description
                            Spray Painter Job Description
                            Technical Director Job Description
                            Technical Lead Job Description
                            Technical Officer Job Description
                            Technician Job Description
                            Telecommunications Manager Job Description
                            Tire Technician Job Description
                            Tool And Die Maker Job Description
                            Tow Truck Operator Job Description
                            Trailer Mechanic Job Description
                            Variable Frequency Drive Field Technician Job Description
                            Welder Helper Job Description
                            Welder Job Description
                            Welding Inspector Job Description
                            Window Cleaning Technician Job Description
                            Window Tinter Job Description

                            Content Writer Job Description

                            Ecommerce Account And Marketing Executive Job Description
                            E-Commerce Associate Job Description
                            E-Commerce Data Analyst
                            Ecommerce Developer Job Description
                            Ecommerce Executive Job Description
                            Ecommerce Manager Job Description
                            Ecommerce Sales Team Job Description
                            Jr. Digital Marketing Executive( Ecommerce) Job Description
                            Management Trainee (E-Commerce) Job Description
                            Ppc Executive Job Description
                            Senior Ecommerce Executive Job Description
                            Supply Chain Management Job Description

                            Accounting Specialist Job Description

                            Actuary Job Description
                            Assistant Controller Job Description
                            Cashier Job Description
                            Cfo Job Description
                            Chief Revenue Officer Job Description
                            Claims Adjuster Job Description
                            Controller Job Description
                            Director Of Finance Job Description
                            Economist Job Description
                            External Auditor Job Description
                            Finance Administrator Job Description
                            Finance Assistant Job Description
                            Finance Clerk Job Description
                            Finance Officer Job Description
                            Financial Accountant Job Description
                            Financial Adviser Job Description
                            Financial Analyst Job Description
                            Financial Consultant Job Description
                            Financial Controller Job Description
                            Financial Manager Job Description
                            Financial Planner Job Description
                            Financial Specialist Job Description
                            Head Of Finance Job
                            Insurance Broker Job Description
                            Insurance Underwriter Job
                            Internal Auditor Job Description
                            Investment Analyst Job Description
                            Investment Banker Job Description
                            Junior Accountant Job Description
                            Loan Processor Job Description
                            Medical Biller Job Description
                            Mortgage Loan Officer Job Description
                            Mortgage Loan Processor Job Description
                            Non-Profit Cfo Job Decription
                            Payroll Administrator Job Description
                            Personal Banker Job Description
                            Portfolio Manager Job Description
                            Private Equity Associate Job Description
                            Retail Banker Job Description
                            Senior Financial Analyst Job Description
                            Tax Manager Job Description
                            Tax Preparer Job Description
                            Treasurer Job Description
                            Vp Of Finance Job Description

                            Ai Machine Learning Engineer Job Description

                            Artificial Intelligence Engineer Job Description
                            Associate Analyst Job Description
                            Blockchain Developer Job Description
                            Compliance Lead, Monitoring And Audits Job Description
                            Data Scientist Job Description
                            Director I Complaince Oversight Job Description
                            Financial Crimes Compliance Administration
                            Financial Quantitative Analyst
                            Fintech Compliance Manager Job Description
                            Fintech Risk & Policy Advisor – Crypto Job Description
                            Head Of Sales Job Description
                            It Risk And Compliance Analyst Job Description
                            Jira Administrator Job Description
                            Machine Learning Engineer Job Description Template
                            Risk And Compliance Manager Job Description
                            Senior Fintech Platform Specialist
                            Senior Regulatory Risk Compliance Officer Job Description
                            Subject Matter Expert

                            HR Coordinator Job Description Template

                            HR Director Job Description Template
                            HR Generalist Job Description Template
                            HR Intern Job Description Template
                            HR Manager Job Description Template
                            HR Officer Job Description Template
                            HR Recruiter Job Description Template
                            HR Representative Job Description Template
                            HR Specialist Job Description Template
                            HR Supervisor Job Description Template
                            HRIS Administrator Job Description Template
                            HRIS Analyst Job Description Template
                            HRIS Manager Job Description Template
                            Internal Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Junior Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Management Trainee Job Description Template
                            Onboarding Specialist Job Description Template
                            Payroll Assistant Job Description Template
                            Personnel Administrator Job Description Template
                            Personnel Security Specialist Job Description Template
                            Physician Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Recruiting Manager Job Description Template
                            Recruiting Specialist Job Description
                            Recruitment Assistant Job Description Template
                            Recruitment Consultant Job Description Template
                            Recruitment Coordinator Job Description
                            Resource Manager Job Description Template
                            Retirement Specialist Job Description Template
                            Sales Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Staffing Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Staffing Specialist Job Description Template
                            Talent Acquisition Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Talent Acquisition Manager Job Description Template
                            Talent Acquisition Specialist Job Description Template
                            Talent Scout Job Description Template
                            Technical Recruiter Job Description Template
                            Technical Sourcer Job Description Template
                            Virtual Recruiter Job Description Template

                            Assembler Job Description
                            Assembly Technician Job
                            Car Detailer Job
                            Cnc Operator Job Description
                            Delivery Driver Job
                            Driver Job Description
                            Fabricators Job Description
                            Inventory Manager Job Description
                            Logistics Administrator Job Description
                            Logistics Coordinator Job Description
                            Logistics Manager Job Description
                            Machine Operator Job Description
                            Machinist Job Description
                            Maintenance Mechanic Job Description
                            Manager Of Quality Assurance Job
                            Master Grower Job Description
                            Material Handler Job Description
                            Materials Manager Job Description
                            Mechanic Job Description
                            Metal Fabricator Job Description Template
                            Music Producer Job Description Template
                            Operations Analyst Job
                            Order Picker Job Description
                            Preloader Ups Specialist Job Description
                            Press Operator Job
                            Procurement Manager Job Description
                            Product Analyst Job
                            Production Coordinator Job
                            Production Manager Job Description
                            Production Planner Job Description
                            Production Supervisor Job Description
                            Production Worker Job Description
                            Program Analyst Job Description
                            Purchasing Agent Job Description
                            Purchasing Assistant Job Description
                            Purchasing Manager Job Description
                            Purchasing Officer Job Description
                            Quality Assurance Specialist Job
                            Quality Inspector Job
                            Quality Manager Job Description
                            Receiving Clerk Job Description
                            Shipping Clerk Job Description
                            Shipping Manager Job Description
                            Sourcing Manager Job Description
                            Stock Clerk Job Description
                            Stock Controller Job Description
                            Supply Chain Analyst Job Description
                            Supply Chain Manager Job Description
                            Transportation Manager Job Description
                            Truck Driver Job Description
                            Warehouse Associate Job Description
                            Warehouse Clerk Job Description
                            Warehouse Manager Job Description
                            Warehouse Supervisor Job Description
                            Warehouse Worker Job Description

                            Assistant Editor Job Description Template
                            Blogger Job Description Template
                            Brand Ambassador Job Description Template
                            Brand Manager Job Description Template
                            Brand Strategist Job Description Template
                            Campaign Manager Job Description
                            Channel Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Chief Marketing Officer Job Description
                            Communications Assistant Job Description Template
                            Communications Coordinator Job Description
                            Communications Director Job Description Template
                            Communications Manager Job Description Template
                            Communications Officer Job Description Template
                            Communications Specialist Job Description Template
                            Community Manager Job Description
                            Content Creator Job Description Template
                            Content Developer Job Description Template
                            Content Editor Job Description
                            Content Manager Job Description Template
                            Content Marketing Manager Job Description
                            Content Specialist Job Description Template
                            Content Strategist Job Description Template
                            Content Writer Job Description Template
                            Conversion Specialist Job Description Template
                            Copy Editor Job Description Template
                            Copywriter Job Description Template
                            Database Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Digital Account Manager Job Description Template
                            Digital Marketing Analyst Job Description Template
                            Digital Marketing Assistant Job Description Template
                            Digital Marketing Consultant Job Description Template
                            Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Digital Strategist Job Description Template
                            Editor Job Description Template
                            Editorial Assistant Job Description Template
                            Email Marketing Specialist Job Description Template
                            Event Promoter Job Description Template
                            Fashion Copywriter Job Description Template
                            Field Service Representative Job Description Template
                            Interpreter Job Description Template
                            Interview Questions For Fashion Copywriters
                            Junior Copywriter Job Description Template
                            Liaison Job Description Template
                            Magazine Editor Job Description Template
                            Marketer Job Description Template
                            Marketing Assistant Job Description Template
                            Marketing Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Marketing Director Job Description Template
                            Marketing Executive Job Description Template
                            Marketing Intern Job Description Template
                            Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Marketing Officer Job Description Template
                            Marketing Project Manager Job Description Template
                            Marketing Specialist Job Description Template
                            Marketing Strategist Job Description
                            Media Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Media Planner Job Description Template
                            Online Marketer Job Description
                            Online Marketing Executive Job Description Template
                            Online Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Paid Search Specialist Job Description Template
                            Physician Liaison Job Description Template
                            Pr Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Presenter Job Description Template
                            Product Analyst Job Description Template
                            Product Marketing Manager Job Description
                            Promoter Job Description Template
                            Public Information Officer Job Description
                            Public Relations Assistant Job Description Template
                            Public Relations Director Job Description Template
                            Public Relations Executive Job Description Template
                            Public Relations Intern Job Description Template
                            Public Relations Job Description Template
                            Public Relations Manager Job Description Template
                            Publicist Job Description Template
                            Recruitment Marketer Job Description Template
                            Regional Marketing Manager Job Description Template
                            Sales And Marketing Manager Job Description
                            Search Engine Marketing Specialist Job Description Template
                            Seo Executive Job Description
                            Social Media Executive Job Description Template

                            Area Manager Job Description
                            Assistant Buyer Job Description Template
                            Assistant Manager Job Description Template
                            Assistant Store Manager Job Description Template
                            Baker Job Description Template
                            Bakery Assistant Job Description Template
                            Bakery Manager Job Description Template
                            Beauty Advisor Job Description
                            Bridal Stylist Job Description
                            Budtender Job Description Template
                            Butcher Job Description Template
                            Buyer Job Description Template
                            Cashier Job Description Template
                            Category Manager Job Description Template
                            Category Manager Job Description
                            Client Services Job Description Template
                            Commodity Manager Job Description Template
                            Courtesy Clerk Job Description Template
                            Deli Clerk Job Description
                            Distributor Job Description Template
                            Fashion Merchandiser Job Description Template
                            Floor Manager Job Description Template
                            Fulfillment Job Description
                            Grocery Clerk Job Description Template
                            Independent Distributor Job Description Template
                            Loss Prevention Officer Job Description Template
                            Meat Packer Job Description Template
                            Merchandise Associate Job Description Template
                            Merchandise Coordinator Job Description Template
                            Merchandiser Job Description Template
                            Merchandising Manager Job Description Template
                            Mystery Shopper Job Description Template
                            Nursery Manager Job Description Template
                            Overnight Stocker Job Description Template
                            Packaging Designer Job Description Template
                            Personal Shopper Job Description Template
                            Procurement Analyst Job Description Template
                            Procurement Manager Job Description Template
                            Procurement Officer Job Description Template
                            Produce Clerk Job Description Template
                            Product Engineer Job Description Template
                            Product Manager Job Description Template
                            Purchaser Job Description Template
                            Purchasing Assistant Job Description Template
                            Purchasing Officer Job Description Template
                            Quality Auditor Job Description Template
                            Retail Assistant Manager Job Description Template
                            Retail Associate Job Description Template
                            Retail Buyer Job Description Template
                            Retail Hr Manager Job Description
                            Retail Manager Job Description Template
                            Retail Merchandiser Job Description Template
                            Retail Sales Associate Job Description Template
                            Retail Sales Consultant Job Description Template
                            Retail Sales Representative Job
                            Retail Store Manager Job Description Template
                            Retail Store Manager Job Description
                            Retail Stylist Job Description
                            Sales Advisor Job Description Template
                            Sales Assistant Job Description Template
                            Sales Clerk Job Description Template
                            Sales Promoter Job Description Template
                            Sales Specialist Job Description Template
                            Salesperson Job Description Template
                            Service Clerk Job Description Template
                            Shift Leader Job Description Template
                            Shop Assistant Job Description Template
                            Shop Cashier Job Description
                            Shop Manager Job Description Template
                            Shop-Category Manager Job Description Template
                            Showroom Manager Job Description Template
                            Stock Associate Job Description Template
                            Stock Clerk Job Description Template
                            Store Keeper Job Description Template
                            Store Manager Job Description Template
                            Store Supervisor Job Description Template