Employee Attendance Policy Sample

Employee Attendance Policy Sample

Employee Attendance Policy Template

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    What is the Employee Attendance Policy?

    The Employee Attendance Policy is a documented set of principles and rules for employees’ attendance. It consists of absenteeism rules & data on expectations from an employee like total leaves allowed, leaves eligibility criteria, works reporting time, breaks time, daily expected working hours, and how, when, and where to apply for leaves. You also get a brief explanation of the type of leaves available for an employee, like casual leaves, sick leave, menstruation leave, and privilege leave.


    Moreover, the strict rules on repercussions of exceeding authorized leaves, attendance record falsification, lapses, and payroll calculation are also determined in the policy. The Attendance Policy of an employee highlights the significance of punctuality & regular attendance. It creates awareness among employees that unnecessary workplace absenteeism
    leads to worsened work efficiency & additional cost to the company. Such understanding, therefore, helps optimize an organization’s overall productivity.

    How do you Create an Employee Attendance Policy Include:

    An Employee Attendance Policy includes the following things:


    1. Failure to clock In or clock out:

    Employees are responsible for the clock in and out every time they enter the office, regardless of shifts. Employees have to notify the manager shortly if any issue occurs during clock-in or clock-out. The strict disciplinary action might include termination against employees who fail to clock in or clock out regularly.


    2. Calculation of attendance:

    Employee attendance is calculate on the point system. An employee is given points on the following parameters:


    1. Tardy: ½ point
    2. Early departure: ½ point
    3. Absent with calls: 1 point
    4. Absent, no call: 2 points
    5. Delay in coming back from lunch & other breaks above 30 minutes: 1 point


    The five-minute grace period is provided during the shift beginning & ending for every employee. A proper reporting method needs to be followed by an employee to report his absence every time. Any failure in informing about the absence an hour before the shift starts leads to a no-call-no-show. Attendance infractions reset every six months or annually.


    3. Disciplinary action for attendance infractions:

    Employees face disciplinary measures in case of regular absenteeism or not adhering to the employee attendance policy. Here is the pointer-based system to evaluate the height of repercussions an employee has to face.


    3 Points: Verbal warning
    4 Points: Written warning
    5 Points: Meeting with manager/director leading to suspension
    6 Points: Employees are accountable for termination


    Note: A valid written proof like a medical letter needs to be submitted to the higher authorities to defend yourself against attendance issues if you are consecutively absent for three or more days. In case of no call-no-show for three or more days, an employee gets straightaway under the case of termination or job abandonment.


    4. Excused, unpaid absences without disciplinary action:

    Employees are eligible for excused, unpaid absences in case of indispensable emergencies. It includes jury duty, childbirth, funerals, car accidents, personal problems, bereavement, and clinical/medical visits. However, an employee has to submit a documented letter to prove the reason behind their absence within the said time mentioned in the policy. Failing to do so leads to strict disciplinary actions against the employee.


    5. Attendance policy exceptions:

    No disciplinary action is taken against absent employees on leave for military duty, bereavement, or jury duty. These exemptions from the management side from taking legal action against employees are possible only after submitting the valid documents to the manager within 48 hours of your absence from the office.

    Use Case of Employee Attendance Policy.

    Every company has an employee attendance policy, whether a startup, SME, or big MNC. The attendance policy is included in the Employee Handbook & is vital to create discipline and punctuality among the employees. Everyone should know the importance of regularly being present in the company by checking in and out of the office on time. In addition, they are educated on how their presence leads to a rise in productivity and policy non-adherence leads to a downfall in productivity.


    It is calculated based on the point system & created by determining things like expectations, paid vs. unpaid leaves, designing disciplinary policy, taking employees’ adherence, and leading by example. The employee attendance policy applies to all temporary or permanent employees of the company.

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