Whistleblower Policy Template

Whistleblower Policy Sample

Whistleblower Policy Template

What is Whistleblower Policy?


In the whistleblower policy template an employee who informs about any illegal or unethical activity according to them to the higher authorities mentioned in the policy. However, the investigation is not done by the employee; they are not the ones to determine the fault and what measures are to be brought against the employee. Instead, the set managing faculty is responsible for implementing these measures.


Under the whistle blower policy, the name itself gives the definition that is blow the whistle and raise your voice which means that employees can visit the higher authorities if they witness any illegal or unethical activities like IT cyber security fraud,  code breaching, and not following proper code of conduct.


Guidelines for Whistle Blower Policy Sample


To ensure that all employees abide by the policy, one needs to implement the guiding principles under the whistleblower security policy as follows:


1. Ensure that the person reporting the incident, or the whistleblower, is not treated differently or victimized after doing the needful.


2. After the complaint, proper disciplinary action is taken against the person, and the matter is considered serious. 


3. Ensure to follow complete confidentiality during this process. 


4. The evidence regarding the matter should be protected at all costs and in no way is to be disclosed.


5. If anyone tries to destroy or harm the protected disclosure, strict disciplinary action should be taken against the person. 


6. Ensure that the convicted person is heard under the whistle-blower policy sample. 


A whistlebowler policy sample creates an open and accessible environment where employees can report all wrongdoings and raise awareness against any illegal or unethical practices in an organization.

What is Anonymous Allegation?


While submitting a complaint, a whistleblower must provide his name, number, and email address to the authorities responsible for this procedure. These details must be shown for the investigation to move forward. But information on the person who has complained will be anonymous to everyone except the authorities who are to take action against the situation.


Protection Favoring the Whistle Blower


Under the whistleblower policy in India, an employee that goes to his employer with complaints against perpetrators of fraudulent behavior will not face any retribution or consequences. He will not be at risk of such actions even if he confronts facing them, or even if he reports on senior management officials breaking the law. The company’s employees need not worry about losing their job or issues like refusal of promotion, demotion, or transfer.


Any influence of power, whether direct or indirect that prevents a whistleblower from carrying out their duties or tasks—including making subsequent protected disclosures—as a result of disclosing following this policy.


The protection is provided to the whistleblower based on the following: 


1. They believe that the disclosure made was in good faith. 


2. The whistleblower believes that the information and allegations made by them are accurate. 


3. Whistleblower is not doing this for their benefit. 


Rights of the Person Accountable


1. It is important to know what led to the event. The whistle-blower has to be allowed to explain their side.


2.  Responsible person has the right to know about the result. The company should share the results of an internal investigation with the employee when the investigation is complete.


3. Person accountable will not have the whistleblower’s identity. Also, they don’t have the right to ask about it. 


Roles and Responsibilities as a Whistleblower


1. If, as an employee, you come across any malicious practice, then you are responsible for bringing it to the attention of the authorities. They must have enough grounds for concern even if they are not to offer proof. If there is a delay in the process of reporting, then there might be a financial loss or evidence.


2. When expressing concern, avoid remaining anonymous.


3. Ensure that you follow the procedure while disclosing any complaint. 


4. Support the investigating team by maintaining complete confidentiality.


5. The prime aim of the whistleblower policy is to bring forward serious issues. It is not meant for trivial reports. Employees are to refrain from using their legal options under this policy to express their ill will or settle personal grudges. Disciplinary action will be provided against those who ‘call out’ malicious claims made by employees.


6. Ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the people involved in the matter or malpractice. If you disclose information like this, it might affect and destroy essential evidence. 


7. If, in any case, the whistleblower is not satisfied with how the whistle-blowing officer or the committee is carrying out the investigation, they can directly contact the CMD of the company.

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