Indian Cricket Team

What if The Indian Cricket Team Started a Startup?

If the Indian cricket team ran a startup, what would the star-studded startup team look like? We let our imaginations run wild and imagined the current cricket team like a startup. We were not disappointed.


Cricket is a sport that requires physical and mental toughness. Our Indian cricket team is trained to perform under the weight of expectations that thousands of people have from them. Furthermore, cricket requires strategy and quick execution both of which are skills required for a successful startup.


We’ve put our favourite cricket players in job roles according to their personality traits and skills. Their innate abilities will help them achieve heights in these positions.


What traits will help our sportsmen in the world of business? Which player will fit which role? What will this dreamy startup look like?


Let’s find out!

1. Virat Kohli: CEO / Co-founder


Virat Kohli would be the CEO and co-founder of the organisation. His strategic thinking, bold decisions and ability to perform under pressure will surely come in handy. Furthermore, he is the current captain of the Indian cricket team and we wouldn’t want that to change, would we?


His aggressive nature is complemented with his focused intentions and hard work, a combination of these truly make him perfect for the role.


His team relies on him for good decision making, therefore, Virat Kohli will definitely be able to guide the startup ship as a true captain.

2. Rohit Sharma: COO and Co-founder


While Virat Kohli has the aggressiveness a CEO and a founder requires, Rohit Sharma has the ability to deal with important matters with elegance. His patience makes him the perfect partner for Virat Kohli’s aggressive nature.


He has big visions and the dedication to achieve those goals. For example, he holds the record for hitting the highest individual score in a one-day cricket match. A task only ever achieved by Sachin Tendulkar before.

3. Jasprit Bumrah: CTO and Co-founder


Apart from having the ability to make good strategies, Bumrah also pays attention to details. He has mastered several extremely tricky throws like the Yorker Ball. Which requires precision, speed and a lot of practice. He is a reliable player who has an eye for accuracy.


We think he’d make a great CTO and will keep the organisation in check. Bumrah is also known for being able to play for a long time on the field, this will help him push during important times and through deadlines as a CTO.


4. Hardik Pandya: Head of Sales


Sales is not a job for the ones with faint hearts. It requires you to meet targets and face rejections with a smiling face. It requires dedication, strategy and the ability to keep going. These are all qualities that Hardik Pandeya has. What will truly make him exceptional at Sales is his ability to get around difficult situations? His ability to strategize and aggressive nature to the numbers. These are all traits that are needed to close deals and earn an income for the company.

KL Rahul

5. KL Rahul: Human Resource Head


Popularly known as KL Rahul. He is an all-round player who’s a desire to excel can be felt through his games. His adaptable nature and respect for his seniors are what will help him manage the human resources of the startup. His focus on the team rather than himself truly makes him fit for the role of a Human Resource Head. He has the ability to manage situations with patience and calm which is a requirement of an HR head on a daily basis.

6. Yuzvendra Chahal: VP – Marketing


Yuzvendra Chahal is great with the media and at getting people’s voices out. He even interviews other cricketers for fun under Chahal TV. Not only is he entertaining for the masses but entertains the team through difficult times too. He truly lifts the team’s spirits up during a difficult time. You can even see this on his Twitter profile where he usually entertains his audience when he’s not on the field.


Apart from his entertaining persona, Chachal never fails to deliver on the field. He was the highest wicket-taker for RCB in IPL 2015 with 23 wickets and has performed well on the field for India too.


His strategic abilities can be vouched for as he has represented India internationally as a young chess player. Furthermore, his ability to capture attention will definitely help him build a great marketing plan for the company.


The ability to be disciplined, focused and creative are what a startup looks for in their marketing departments. Therefore, we believe Yuzvendra Chahal will lead the team very well.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

7. Bhuvneshwar Kumar: Chief Finance Officer


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is trustworthy and extremely disciplined. His ability to follow orders is truly what makes him necessary for the team. We believe his ability to objectively follow instructions and manage a team makes him great for the position of being a Chief Finance Officer.


He has decent communication skills and has an analytical brain. That along with being trustworthy truly makes for a great CFO.


8. Rishabh Pant: Customer Service Head


Rishabh Pant’s likeable personality is fit for managing and handling customers. He is dependable and resourceful in tough situations. We are sure he can handle tough customers with a smile and some patience. He will be able to understand the team and will be able to maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers.


After not being able to score well on the field, Rishabh Pant managed to get chances to prove himself. This shows his negotiation and perseverance skills. Which are necessary for a customer service head.


His dependable performance is another reason we believe he will make sure that the customers get a great service from the company.


9. Shikhar Dhavan: VP Operations


We are all aware of Shikhar Dhavan’s famous moustache. He is the Indian cricket team’s opening batsman and fielder. He has also led his IPL team as a captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad. However, we can see his spirit in his games. Even after being injured several times Shikhar Dhavan always makes a comeback with good scores. We believe he’d be a great VP of Operations because of his precision and tact. He is thorough with his work and gives his all to the challenges that he takes up.


He is bold and has his priorities in place. Furthermore, he is analytical in his approach to things while having the capability to manage stress and expectations. These innate personality traits make him perfect for the role of the VP of Operations.


10. Shreyas Iyer: Head of Product


Shreyas Iyer was made the captain of his IPL team at a very young age. He was in a position to manage senior players without having any on-field experience before. This shows his ability to rise to an occasion and build things out of nothing. It also shows his ability to handle stress and pressure. We believe all these skills are extremely necessary for the head of the product.


He is a quick learner and is extremely adaptable in difficult situations. This is why we believe Shreyas Iyer will do a great job as the head of product.


11. Ravindra Jadeja: Head of Design


Apart from being one of the best fielders in the world, Ravindra Jadeja has several other skills. His creativity truly bursts out of him and impacts everything he approaches. We can witness it in the creative ways that he fields or the creative way he bats. His famous under the shoulder throw and popular celebration style of sword celebration are both examples of such creativity.


Therefore, we believe Jadeja would be able to be creative through great designs for the Indian cricket team’s startup. Furthermore, he will also be able to spot detailed mistakes and avoid them in advance

MS Dhoni

12. MS Dhoni: Mentor


Every Indian knows the captain that lead us to win the world cup in 2007. Dhoni’s masterful strategic insight, years of knowledge and great commanding skills are all skills that will lead the startup towards success. His ability to inspire a team is one that cannot be overlooked. Having the experience of being in the same position as the team, MS Dhoni will be able to understand the messy situations that the company can be in and with a masterful stroke, he’ll be able to pull the company out of it.

13. Saurabh Ganguli: Investor


As a president of the BCCI and a former cricketer himself, it makes the most sense for Saurabh Ganguli to invest in the organisation. He will understand the challenges that the employees will go through at a personal level. He knows the team well and has been able to put each one in the correct role. As an investor, he will understand the path that the organisation should take.

Being backed by an important organisation will definitely give the startup a push ahead.

14. Interns


(A). Prithvi Shaw


As a former Under 19 captain, Prithvi Shaw would be a great intern to the team of legends. His experience will only increase by working with such great minds. He can bring in a fresh perspective to the organisation. He is a bright cricketer with a great future ahead of him and with the right guidance, he can truly become an even better resource to the organisation.


(B). Shubman Gill


Treading behind Prithvi Shaw, Shubman Gill is the ideal intern for an organisation. He is hungry to grow and perform. He has a better average than Prithvi, however, he has also played lesser innings than Prithvi. He is a 20-year-old opening batsman with a very bright future ahead of him. Therefore, he’d be in the right place to get guidance and learn better.


There you have it, our star cricket team running a startup! Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this team? We certainly would.


We’re sure their on-field skills and mental toughness will help them ride the tough waves of start-up life. They are no strangers to the dedication and hard work.

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What do you think of our list? Do you agree with it? Let us know who you would employ for your startup and for what skills?

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