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Employee Master File template
Acceptance of Employee Apology All Purpose
Admin Manual
Stationary Request template
Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
Warning Notice for General Behaviour Issues
Warning Notice for Performance Issues
Warning Notice for Misbehaviour on Specific Date-Occasion
Job Suspension during Misconduct Investigation
Post Probation Increment Certificate
Ad-hoc Designation Change Certificate
Ad-hoc Increment Certificate
Appraisal Certificate with Increment and Promotion
Appraisal Certificate with Promotion without Increment
Experience or Relieving letter with praise
Experience or Relieving letter
Full-n-Final Settlement with Confirmation
Internship Experience Certificate with Praise
Internship Experience Certificate
Lay-off due to CO-BU-Dept Shutdown
Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
Final Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
Final Warning Notice for Performance Issues
Relieving Letter after Resignation
Resignation Acceptance General Key Employee
Resignation Acceptance General
Resignation Withdrawal for Growth Prospects
Resignation Withdrawal for Role Change
Consultancy Agreement
Employee Calendar
Intern-Offer-Letter & agreement
Letter to Bank
Marketing service agreement with credit card
NOC for tourist visa
Non-disclosure Agreement
Purchase order
Vendor Agreement
NOC for Attending Workshop
NOC for Bank Account
NOC for Credit Card
NOC for Double Shift
NOC for Employees to Work in Other Organization
NOC for Organizing Event
NOC for Part-Time Job
NOC for Personal Loan
NOC for Trainee Student from Company
NOC for Visiting Abroad
NOC Letter Format for Department Change
NOC Letter Format for Job Change
NOC Letter Format for Studies
NOC Letter to Employee For Visa
HR Department Organizational Chart Template
HR Due Diligence Checklist Template
HR Presentation Roadmap
HR Technology Roadmap
HR Timesheet Template
Employee Loan Agreement
Leave Application Form
Vehicle Use Agreement–Company Vehicles
Violation Form
Pre-Interview Format
Zero Tolerance Policy 

Interview Questions

Behavioural Interview Questions
Brain Teaser Interview Questions
Common Interview Questions
Communication Skills Interview Questions
Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions
Illegal Interview Questions
Leadership Interview Questions
Phone Interview Questions
Second Interview Questions
Situational Interview Questions
Stress Interview Questions

Job interview templates

Application acknowledgement email
Email template to request an intake meeting: From recruiter to the hiring manager
Email to the successful candidate after the interview
Hiring update email: Recruiter to hiring manager
Interview availability email
Interview cancellation email from employer
Interview confirmation email
Interview no-show email template
Interview reminder email template
Phone interview confirmation email
Phone interview invitation email
Recruiting text messages to candidates for different scenarios
Reschedule interview with candidates email
Scheduling an interview email
Second interview confirmation email
Second interview invitation email
Sending an interview assignment: example email
Skype interview invitation email
Video interview invitation email

Job offer templates

Background check update to candidates email
Contract employee offer letter sample
Developer Job Offer Letter template
Formal job offer: Sample offer letter format
Informal offer letter sample
Internal promotion offer email
Job offer email template
Part-time to a full-time offer letter template
Salary negotiation with candidates email template
Sales Job Offer Letter template
Offer letter sample

Rejection templates

Applicant rejection letter sample
Candidate rejection email template
Candidate rejection letter sample
Interview feedback to candidates email
Job application rejection email template
Post-interview rejection letter sample
Rejecting overqualified candidates email

Sourcing templates

Email from employer to a recruitment agency or external recruiter
Email template for sourcing a referred candidate
Internal job posting email
Keeping candidates warm email
New job opportunity email to the past candidate
Passive candidate email
Recruiter introduction to candidates email
Recruiting bilingual candidates email
Sourcing developer candidates email
Sourcing marketing candidates email
Sourcing military veteran candidates email
Sourcing sales candidates email

Referral templates

Employee referral bonus program announcement email
Employee referral program sample email
Employee referrals from external network email
Refer a friend for a job email
Employee Referral Program Procedures
Referred candidate email template

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General Job Descriptions

Education Training Job Descriptions (105)

Accounting Job Descriptions (47)

Healthcare & Medical Job Description (274)

Administration and Office Support Job Descriptions (100)

Advertising, Arts, and Media Job Descriptions (57)

Banking and Financial Services Job Descriptions (38)

Call Center and Customer Service Job Descriptions (27)

Community Services and Development Job Descriptions (40)

Construction Job Descriptions (37)

Consulting and Strategy Job Descriptions (39)

Engineering Job Descriptions (40)

Executive Job Descriptions (17)

Farming, Animals, and Conservation Job Descriptions (27)

Insurance Job Descriptions (15)



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